GoFundMe allows page for Minneapolis gunman after axing one for NYC bodega clerk Jose Alba

GoFundMe is allowing a small fortune to be collected for kin of the Minneapolis gunman fatally shot by cops after he fired at neighbors, while hard-working Manhattan bodega clerk Jose Alba’s fund got the ax, critics rage.

The fund-raiser for the family of dead Minnesota shooter Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg, 20, surpassed his goal of $20,000 within three days, hitting $20,500 by Monday afternoon.

Yet the GoFundMe page for Alba — who killed an ex-con attacker in apparent self-defense at the store — got pulled a day after his case came to light.

“#GoFundMe should be ASHAMED of themselves!” a smoking critic tweeted Monday. “#JoseAlba defended himself. #TekleSundberg was shooting into a home at a mother and two young children. SHAME ON YOU!”

Another Twitter user simply called GoFundMe’s move, “Unreal.”

Sundberg allegedly fired like a madman Wednesday in his building, including through the wall of an apartment of a mom cooking for her two kids, before being shot dead by cops during a standoff.

His family said he was having a mental-health crisis at the time.

It’s unclear why police snipers finally shot him dead after six hours of negotiations, but the head of the Minneapolis police union said in a statement last week that “to prevent death or great bodily harm to another, officers used deadly force.”

When Black Lives Matter protesters showed up at the young man’s building over the weekend to decry the cops, the fired-upon mom, who is black, white and of Native American descent, furiously shouted at them.

“This is not a George Floyd situation!” the mother, Arabella Foss-Yarbrough, yelled. “George Floyd was unarmed! This is not OK!

“He tried to kill me in front of my kids!”

A GoFundMe set up by Foss-Yarbrough’s sister for her sibling had raised more than $56,000 by Monday evening. The set goal was $10,000.

The page says the gunman who shot into the victim’s home “had been harassing her and stalking her for months.”

The GoFundMe for Sundberg’s family says, “His life was taken too soon by the Minneapolis Police Department.” Relatives have retained noted civil-rights lawyer Ben Crump.

Meanwhile, the GoFundMe page for Alba — whose supporters run from New York City Mayor Eric Adams to form NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton — was yanked nearly as fast as it went up.

Alba fatally stabbed an ex-con attacking him behind the counter of the store July 1, an incident caught on video — and which prompted controversial slay charges against the worker.

He and his hordes of backers say his actions were clearly self-defense, with the clerk even seen in footage telling his assailant, “Dad, I don’t want a problem.”

Andrew “Tekle” Sundberg died after shooting at his neighbors.
Manhattan bodega clerk Jose Alba
Manhattan bodega clerk Jose Alba was in a violent altercation defending his work place from a customer.
Alec Tabak

But GoFundMe said in a statement defending the move, “Our terms of service prohibit fundraising for the legal defense of a violent crime.

“At this time, the fundraiser has been removed and all donors have been refunded.”

The page had raised around $20,000 for Alba when it was removed, the Daily Mail reported.

GoFundMe told The Post on an emailed statement Monday, “The fundraiser, “TS Family Funds”, states donations will go toward funeral, food, and family expenses.

“Fundraisers for these types of expenses are allowed under GoFundMe’s terms of service.”


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