Johnny Depp’s Team Says He Wants To ‘Move On,’ But Explains Why The Pirates Star Filed An Appeal

With Amber Heard filing an appeal to the verdict in her recent anti-defamation lawsuit against Johnny Depp, another round of legal proceedings looks to be in the works. The high profile couple’s continued short appearances are the latest chapter in the history of the Depp/Heard relationship. While Depp’s team had already responded to the appeal, the former Pirates of the Caribbean star is now taken further action. Despite wanting to “move on,” Depp is filing his own appeal, for very specific reasons now disclosed by his legal team.

A representative from Team Depp issued a statement to The LA Times that expressed as much, further reinforcing the notion. However, when it comes to filing this appeal, Johnny Depp’s representation cited the following reasons as to why he’s decided to do so:

The verdict speaks for itself, and Mr. Depp believes that this a time for both parties to move on with their lives and heal. But if Ms. Heard is determined to pursue further litigation by appealing the verdict, Mr. Depp is filing a concurrent appeal to ensure that the full record and all legal issues are considered by the Court of Appeal.

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