Aaron Rodgers channels Nicolas Cage in ‘Con Air’ at training camp

Aaron Rodgers channeled his inner Cameron Poe from the 1997 thriller, “Con Air,” for the first day of training camp on Tuesday.

In a now-viral video shared by the Packers’ Twitter account, the quarterback strolled into the team facility wearing a white tank top and belted jeans — appearing to emulate the iconic Nicolas Cage character.

Rodgers, who rocked a full beard, swept his hand through his long, slicked-back hair in the clip, which was captioned: “Let’s do this.”

The internet had a field day over Rodgers’ entrance on day 1 of his 18th NFL season — and Twitter had no shortage of “Con Air” jokes that referenced his prison look.

Rodgers’ new tattoo — which features astrological signs and lions, among other symbols on his forearm — was on display in the video. Last month, internet sleuths noticed similarities between his new ink and that of his rumored girlfriend, Blu.

Despite the theatrical look, there is far less drama surrounding Rodgers now than last year, when the four-time NFL MVP skipped all of training camp and preseason over issues with the culture in Green Bay.

After having discussions with Packers brass that led to Rodgers having more say in team decisions, both sides are in a good place, Rodgers said in the offseason, amid retirement buzz.

Aaron Rodgers at Packers practice on June 7, 2022.

Rodgers signed a three-year, $150.8 million extension with the Packers in March. He also told reporters last month that he “definitely” wants to finish his career in Green Bay.


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