Marvel Made 3 Changes To Daredevil’s First MCU Costume

Several new appearances for Daredevil have been confirmed since his reappearance in the MCU, but he now has another new look in the She-Hulk trailer.

With Daredevil: Born Again announced at Comic-con 2022 and Daredevil’s appearance in She-Hulk: Attorney At Law confirmed, Murdock’s vigilante hero finally looks to have a future again in the MCU – and with a new look to boot. Audiences were pleasantly surprised when they saw Charlie Cox’s reprisal as Matt Murdock in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which kicked off rumors about where Daredevil’s story could go in the upcoming Marvel phases. However, his significance in the Multiverse Saga is yet to be confirmed. She-Hulk: Attorney At Law trailer released during Comic-con 2022 gave crowds a small glimpse of Daredevil’s new suit. Whether this suit will be new and improved is yet to be seen as fans eagerly await the release of the show, but it is now clear the she hulk series will look to represent a new division of superheroes who are slowly emerging as more prominent in the daily life of Los Angeles. How Daredevil will be influential in this new Disney+ series plot is being kept under wraps, but his reappearance in the MCU is certainly exciting.


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However, what is clear from the Daredevil trailer is the updated look of Murdock’s armor. While the yellow patterns of his costume seem to be a tribute to how he first appeared in the original Marvel Comics, the famous nunchuck-using vigilante is now confirmed to have yet another new look, but whether this will maintain Daredevil’s comic canon is yet to be seen. Tea she hulk trailer now means Marvel Studios have made three significant changes to Daredevil’s outfit since his Netflix days – and here’s each of them explained.

Yellow Accents In Daredevil’s Costume

The most significant change to Daredevil’s outfit is the new elements of yellow/gold incorporated into his typically black and red attire. Fans of Marvel Comics will know this new color scheme of Murdock’s since it pays homage to his first iconic comic book appearances. Of course, as is standard for Marvel adaptations of eye-catching comic costumes, Daredevil’s has been stylized as more aesthetically pleasing than a replica of his comic book costume would have been, complete with horizontal tramlines that cut across Daredevil’s body.

The camera in the trailer for she hulk just pans away as the chest of the costume is shown, so whether Daredevil will have his iconic ‘D’ emblazoned on the forefront of his costume is yet to be confirmed. Though the original Netflix show stylized this slightly with a double ‘D’ to refer to his name, the inspiration for the yellow accents of the costumes comes from a comic version of the Daredevil costume that showed the single ‘D’ on the chest plate of the hero’s armor.

Added Protection Elements

daredevil jumping away from she-hulk in daredevil disney trailer

In addition to the added yellow elements of Daredevil’s costume, his MCU-era garb also seems to afford greater protection for the vigilante hero – especially since his Netflix days. The protection around his gauntlets and his back mean Murdock has moved on from the days when he refused to wear any armor, much to the dismay of his close friends. Whether or not such friends return, it is clear Disney+’s Daredevil won’t be the same as his Netflix appearances. His helmet is also hinted at in the trailer as providing more extensive coverage in comparison to his Netflix appearances. Whilst Melvin Potter’s Daredevil mid-season 2 upgrades signaled a different helmet for Daredevil that provided less coverage for him, this was for the ease of Charlie Cox in taking off and putting on the Daredevil costume. In the trailer, Murdock seems to boast a full-coverage helmet that provides him with more protection but maintains the classic horned look – which is a first for the character onscreen.

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Daredevil’s New Billy Club

Daredevil’s infamous Billy Club, Matt Murdock’s personal weapon, seems to have undergone a slight change, also judging by the She-Hulk: Attorney At Law trailer. The Billy Club works as a multi-purpose cane that has an extendable cable between the nunchucks and can double up as a grappling hook and a melee weapon – and this seems to be consistent in his MCU version, as shown in the trailer. As Daredevil pounces onto the top of a building, the Billy Club is shown to have similar yellow and burgundy elements as his costume does. As a result, Marvel’s changes to the color scheme of Daredevil’s outfit serve to distinctly differentiate this version of the character from his Netflix appearances while simultaneously maintaining a nod to Daredevil’s vigilante roots by keeping the color scheme efficiently dark ahead of Daredevil: Born Again.

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