10 Mind-Blowing Moments From Netflix’s “The Gray Man”

It’s Gosling vs. Evans. What more could you ask for?

Avengers: Endgame directors Anthony and Joe Russo’s latest film, The Gray Manhas finally dropped on Netflix.

Paul Abell/Netflix © 2022

Based on Mark Greaney’s novel of the same name, this streaming blockbuster has many stellar and action-packed moments elevated by its outstanding visuals and star-studded cast.

Paul Abell/Netflix © 2022

And so, to commemorate its release, here are the best moments from The Gray Man.



Enter Lloyd

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In this scene, we’re introduced to Chris Evans’ character, Lloyd Hansen, who is hired by Carmichael to kill Six when he’s in the middle of torturing a guy. Rocking a knitted tee and a mustache, Evans steals the show with his laid-back but intimidating performance, which is a far cry from his beloved Captain America.


Babysitting Claire

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This isn’t something you typically see in a spy thriller. In a flashback, we see Six had been assigned to watch over Fitzroy’s niece, Claire. Julia Butters, who you may recognize from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, gives another outstanding performance as Claire, and the friendly chemistry between her and Six is ​​palpable. We also see Six fight off an intruder and protect Claire in a well-executed duel set to the tune of Mark Lindsay’s “Silver Bird.”


Six Blasts Out the Well

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Though Six gets trapped in the bottom of a well, he miraculously escapes by flooding the hole and blowing off the lid with a makeshift bomb. He then fights his way through multiple gunmen and surprises Hansen with a grenade. And before the sadistic hitman can kill Six, Miranda saves him by shooting a tranq dart in Hansen’s butt. They probably should’ve killed Hansen while he was knocked out, though.


Six Escapes

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Though Six is ​​imprisoned by Suzanne in exchange for Claire’s safety, we later find the titular Gray Man has escaped captivity and has gone back to rescue Claire. A feeling of triumph fills the scene as Claire plays “Silver Bird” while Six takes out the house guards, and it’s a relief to see the two of them have a happy ending. For now at least.


The Lone Wolf Strikes

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When Six and Miranda retreat to a hospital, they are both attacked by the Lone Wolf, one of Hanson’s skilled assassins. The Wolf proves himself a force to be reckoned with as he takes the two of them on simultaneously and escapes with Six’s secret drive. And the whole fight ends with Six and Miranda hilariously arguing over an unloaded gun like an old married couple.


The Final Raid

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In the film’s third act, we see Six and Miranda infiltrate Hansen’s compound to rescue Fitzroy and Claire. Using only their skills and a handful of weapons, both agents blow through Hansen’s men like a two-person army. They even succeed in shooting a helicopter out of the sky, showing that you do not mess with the Gray Man and his team.


The Maze Fight

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In the film’s climax, Six chases Lloyd into a hedge maze as he holds Claire at gunpoint. Eventually casting aside their guns, both men duke it out in a thrilling and visually stunning fistfight in the heart of the maze. Even though Hansen lost two fingers, he nearly overpowers Six with an intense but mocking demeanor akin to the Joker or the Green Goblin. But while Six gains the upper hand and puts Hansen in a chokehold, Suzanne ends up being the one who puts him down.


Airplane Attack

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As Six rests on his plane ride, Fitzroy reluctantly has his men try to take Six out for Hansen. However, Six catches them by surprise, and a thrilling battle ensues. This scene is particularly eye-catching for how Six fights with smoke grenades, but things get really out of hand when the plane begins to break apart mid-flight. Even after getting sucked out of the plane, Six fights a guy while diving towards Earth for his parachute, and he still lands safely on the ground.


bangkok blowout

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In the film’s first flashy action sequence, Sierra Six tries to assassinate Sierra Four during a fireworks festival in Bangkok. Though Six tries to shoot Four from afar, he decides to kill him up close and in person. In a sea of ​​colorful lights and balloons, Six and his partner, Miranda, blow through Four’s men until both Sierras start battling with the fireworks launching right next to them. What a way to start a movie!


Battle in Prague

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As Hansen’s men try to assassinate Six, their battle ends up tearing through the city of Prague in a sequence that makes The Winter Soldier look tame in comparison. Hansen’s men clash with the police and the SWAT team in the city square in a wide-scale orgy of death and destruction. The battle even causes a tram to crash into a building, and Six still walks away, almost unfazed. It’s too bad this wasn’t a superhero movie, or else all that chaos would’ve been pretty much forgotten.

Do you agree with this list? Are there any other scenes from The Gray Man that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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