The 3 Zodiac Signs With Rough Horoscopes On Friday, July 29, 2022

If there were a transit that would represent impatience and boredom, it would probably be Moon square Uranus, as this particular transit is bound to get on our nerves today. This is the kind of day where we aren’t in the mood for anyone’s opinion and the last thing we need is for someone — anyone — to tell us what we ‘need’ to do.

We feel just about everything today and most of that is people-related. In other words, during Moon square Uranus, we really just can’t stand to be around others. It’s not exactly a social day, especially for three of the zodiac signs.

What makes this a rough day is that it’s going to feel like everyone is bugging us, getting on our nerves, and asking way too much of us.

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And while some of what is asked of us may actually be what is required of us at work, we’re still going to translate all communication as a hassle; one we’d readily rebel against … just because we’re not in the mood. Everything is a hassle today; work, family, love, health, finance … and paying bills? Ha, that’s not on the menu for today.

Also, be prepared to get into arguments with loved ones. You won’t even remember what you’re arguing about after a while; all you know is that you feel aggravated and cranky and you don’t feel like you have to justify it or explain yourself to others.


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