Kathy Hilton mistakes Lizzo for ‘Precious,’ drawing backlash

Kathy Hilton from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is blaming bad eyesight as the reason for her mistaking singer Lizzo for the titular character from the 2009 film “Precious.”

In light of the criticism she faced for the blunder, Hilton wrote in the comments section of the @QueensofBravo Instagram account: “The screen was so far away and my vision is terrible. If you recall, I couldn’t even make out who Justin Timberlake or Melissa Etheridge was.”

Lizzo didn’t seem fazed by Hilton’s mistake or the ensuing backlash, posting vacation photos Thursday on Twitter with the caption“Meanwhile…”

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Kathy Hilton from “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” is being called fatphobic and racist online for mistaking singer Lizzo for the titular character from the 2009 film “Precious.” During her appearance on Andy Cohen’s “Watch What Happens Live” Wednesday, Hilton was tasked with guessing who a celebrity displayed on the screen was in a game called “Will Kathy Know Them?”

Hilton, 63, guessed incorrectly numerous times, failing to accurately identify Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson or Justin Timberlake. However, awkwardness ensued when Cohen pulled up a photo of Grammy winner Lizzo. “I feel like I do…Precious?” Hilton guessed. The answer prompted Cohen and Hilton’s “Housewives” co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff, who was also a guest on Wednesday’s show, to burst into laughter.

Hilton likely mistook Lizzo, 34, for the titular character portrayed by Gabourey Sidibe in the 2009 Oscar-winning drama “Precious.” However, it’s also possible she could have also mistaken the singer for 32-year-old model Precious Lee. Minkoff, 39, attempted to remedy the blunder, turning to Hilton to say, “She is precious, though. Lizzo is precious.”

“That’s what I call her,” Hilton added. “Her nickname is Precious, to me.”

Lizzo fans swiftly reacted on Twitter, criticizing Hilton for comparing Lizzo to another plus-size Black public figure. Among them was E! host Nina Parker, who wrote on Twitter: “Black women are not here to be the butt of your jokes.”

Internet personality Kalen Allen also chimed in, tweeting: “When ‘Precious’ came out, a lot of people used the character’s name as a derogatory label to fuel their fatphobia and to bully. So no, I don’t think that it’s funny that Lizzo, home minding her own business, had to watch herself be called Precious in front of millions on live tv.”

Another tweeted: “It’s the fatphobia and racism for me. Because she and Gabby look NOTHING alike, but also to call her Precious, like that’s a real person and not a character. Lizzo need to cuss all these mf out.”

Some came to Hilton’s defense, calling her error an honest mistake. “Everyone needs to calm down about Kathy calling Lizzo Precious. The woman didn’t recognize anyone,” tweeted one fan.

“Super model Precious Lee and musical artist Lizzo are gorgeous women who look strikingly similar,” another wrote. “@KathyHilton was not disparaging either one of these icons but Crystal and @Andy’s protracted laughter was mean-spirited and childish.”

Lizzo, Lee, nor Sidibe have publicly commented on Hilton’s interview.

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