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No matter how you break it down, reggaeton is one of the most popular styles of music on the planet. The genre’s stars are some of the biggest in the industry — Bad Bunny has been the most-streamed artist in the world for two years in a row — and their hits have quickly become international supernovas, played in every country imaginable. Reggaeton is a global phenomenon and a commercial force that’s changed the Latin music business, despite naysayers, and it shows no signs of slowing down.

The genre also represents a rich cultural history, filled with stories of migration, of resistance, and of celebration. The music has deep roots in Panama, where Black communities in the Eighties and Nineties pioneered reggae in Spanish tracks that traveled across the globe and captured people’s imaginations. Those sounds thrived in Puerto Rico, in particular, and bloomed in the island’s underground in the Nineties, eventually erupting across Latin America and the rest of the world. So many songs — whether they’re classic deep cuts from Playero mixtapes, or record-breaking chart-toppers from more recent years — are a reflection of the genre’s complex stories and intricate evolutions.

Narrowing down the 100 greatest reggaeton songs of all time was no easy feat. The reggaeton canon spans decades and continents, and branches into all kinds of music — bachata, EDM, hip-hop, salsa, and so much more. Some people might debate whether a few songs here belong on a reggaeton list; however, there were some reggae en español, dembow, and underground rap classics by pioneers such as Nando Boom, El General, and Latin Fresh that were so foundational, we found them impossible to keep off.

We also had input from all corners of the music business. To make our list, we put together a panel of critics, experts, and music industry veterans. Those voters included:

Kat Bouza, senior news editor, RollingStone
Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo, writer and editor
Jon Dolan, review editor, RollingStone
Ricardo Durán, Rolling Stone en Español
Katelina “Gata” Eccleston, reggaeton historian
Veronica Bayetti Flores, music journalist
Simon Vozick-Levinson, deputy music editor, RollingStone
Julyssa Lopez, senior music editor, RollingStone
Jennifer Mota, music historian and journalist
Moises Mendez II, culture reporter
Diego Ortiz, Rolling Stone en Español
Jorge Pabon, Molusco TV
Jerry Pullés, Latin music programmer, Apple Music
AJ Ramos, US Latin and Latin America artist relations manager, Youtube
Maykol Sanchez, head of artist & label Partnerships, LATAM & US Latin, Spotify
Gary Suarez, music journalist
Tainy, producer
Lucas Villa, music journalist
Antonio Vázquez, head of US Latin Editorial – Spotify
Chente Ydrach, host

The genre is complex; it continues to flourish and thrive in ways that surprise even its biggest fans. Over the years, we’re sure songs will take on new meanings, and new innovations will change the course of the genre. For now, here are RollingStone‘s 100 Greatest Reggaeton Songs of All Time.

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