Kevin Feige Wants to Prevent 1 Thing With Marvel VFX (Exclusive)

Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige remains the driving force behind the most successful pop culture franchise in the business today, the MCU.

Feige continues to put his love for the Marvel characters first and foremost in building the MCU, even when he leads to arguments with his creatives about directions for storytelling or promotional material that fans see. And although these arguments continue to be part of the process, he remains one of the most revered executives in the business, with Marvel personnel continually praising him for his work ethic and for how open he is to ideas from directors and actors.

While he doesn’t make every decision for what is seen in the MCU, he still provides specific ideas that he believes will make the difference in any given story, such as the X-Men ’97 theme playing during Kamala Khan’s mutant reveal in Ms.Marvel.

Thanks to a recent interview that The Direct held with one of Ms.Marvel‘s VFX gurus, that trend from Feige of offering his input has been confirmed to be a consistent presence on every level of MCU production.

Kevin Feige’s VFX Request on MCU Projects

The Direct

In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Richard Nebens, Ms.Marvel VFX Supervisor Kevin Yuille discussed Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige’s involvement with the show’s VFX department.

When asked if Feige offered any specific notes on Ms.Marvel‘s VFX work, Yuille confirmed that Feige and Victoria Alonso (Marvel Studios President of Physical and Post Production, Visual Effects, and Animation). In particular, Feige influenced the Veil in Ms.Marvel Episode 5, which was one of the many decisions made to help push the story forward:

“Yeah, [Kevin Feige] inserts his creative ideas into everything. It has to get through him, right? So, he and Victoria Alonso, they’re the masterminds of the MCU, so of course, there were definitely notes. I don’t want to get into specifics, but that definitely influenced the look of the Clandestine’s Veil and some of the decisions in that scene in order to tell a story.”

Ms. Marvel Veil

In making sure MCU stories are told the best way, Feige always wants to prevent any kind of “ambiguity” with VFX by encouraging simplicity. And while the work that Yuille did is far from simple, the team focused on “[keeping] the story moving forward where there’s no confusion” with what fans are watching:

“A lot of it to him is motivated by the story and whether or not the visuals on the screen relay the story. There’s undeniable knowledge of what is going on in the scene. He doesn’t want ambiguity. He tends to go for a simpler solution — simpler not in terms of execution, nothing that we did was simple, but in terms of simplifying what’s needed to keep the story moving forward where there’s no confusion. So, yeah, he did that quite a bit…so no one is like ‘what just happened?’”

Feige’s Mission to Keep the MCU Simple

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The Direct

Making a superhero movie in the 21st century always requires a certain amount of visual effects to tell the story the right way – some of them using thousands of shots in their entire runtime. And while Ms.Marvel was no exception with Kamala’s cosmic powers, Kevin Yuille made it clear that Kevin Feige’s goal is always to tell the best story possible.

Episode 5 in particular had some at Marvel Studios worried about some of the risks that the team took, especially with the Veil being such an important part of the plot from a visual standpoint. These effects played a huge role in bringing some of the Clan Destine’s story to an end before Damage Control took over the main antagonist role, and it helped push Kamala further in her own journey emotionally at the same time.

But even with so many challenges, Feige’s vision helped narrow the VFX team’s focus and give fans a simple adventure featuring Kamala in her blast to the past. And regardless of how much work it took to bring those visual effects to life, the story remained the top priority over anything else.

All six episodes of Ms.Marvel are now streaming on Disney+.


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