Phoenix drag queen gives out care kits

On July 30, five days before the Biden administration would declare monkeypox a public health emergency, Trey DeGroodt revealed his own diagnosis to his thousands of social media followers: “I’ve got a case of the monkeypox.”

As he suffered through “the worst pain I’ve ever felt in my life,” support was pouring in for the 24-year-old, who is a full-time drag performer in Phoenix.

Friends sent money to help him stay afloat while he was unable to work. One person sent a box full of items that would help DeGroodt through his recovery. His uncle delivered four bags of groceries, and his roommate brought the supplies upstairs, where he was quarantining in his room.

“I’ve gotten so many direct messages and things like that of ‘We love you. Take care of yourself. How can we help you? Are you doing OK?’ You know, so the community really rushed to my side,” DeGroodt told The Arizona Republic.

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