Daycare students, staff kept home after possible monkeypox case

Sunset Academy told 9NEWS it was made aware about a possible case of monkeypox at the daycare early Wednesday morning.

LONGMONT, Colo. — A child-care center in Longmont feels some kids and staff home after a possible case of monkeypox.

Sunset Academy told 9NEWS it was made aware of a possible case of monkeypox early Wednesday morning.

“We followed the protocol we contacted the Boulder County health department who is now working closely with that individual. The virus has not been confirmed positive yet,” Sunset Academy Director Samantha Emmer said.

“We are following orders as far as disinfecting and we are hoping to open the classrooms tomorrow.”

Emmer would not say if the person associated was a child or an adult but all children and staff who were exposed were excused from their programs on Wednesday.

The Colorado Department of Public Health (CDPHE) referred to Boulder County Public Health (BCPH) for comment on this matter.

In a statement, BCPH would not confirm a case associated with the daycare but said they were investigating the situation and would provide guidance directly to the facility and families, if necessary.

When asked if Boulder County had protocols for situations like this, they referred to CDPHE.

CDPHE’s website refers to the CDC’s guidance that states exposed people do not need to quarantine but they should monitor their health for a rash or flu-like symptoms for 21 days.

“Right now we have been told that this is very low risk, more than likely this isn’t the case, so we’re doing everything that we can,” Emmer added.

It’s important to remember anyone can get monkeypox. There have been 222 cases of monkeypox reported in Colorado.


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