United Empire Vs. The Elite, Jon Moxley Talks, All Out Go-Home Show

Will Ospreay immediately collides with Kenny Omega, and the two men go face to face as The Cleaner drops him with a shoulder tackle, and things break down early with forearm strikes and chops. Ospreay charges him into the corner and continues attacking Omega until The Young Bucks pull him off and then send Aussie Open to the floor, but Ospreay continues his attack, clotheslining Omega out of the ring.

He is taken down by the tag team, but as the Bucks dive outside they get caught and Aussie Open then Omega sandwiches as Ospreay comes to the outside with a side twister to wipe everyone out. They then fight up the ramp as The Elite comes out on top, eventually leading to Omega being back in the ring and taking control. Nick Jackson then dives in and lands on Ospreay, stomping out his face as he spits his gum at Kyle Fletcher for good measure.

Matt Jackson then gets involved, but Ospreay handsprings off the ropes to take them both out as Mark Davis comes in and starts dominating The Bucks, dropping them with a double clothesline as he follows with a double power slam. Fletcher then hits the cutter, diving off the top rope to catch Matt in mid-air, but Omega breaks up the pinfall. He manages to tag in, but Davis boots him in the mid-section only for Omega to respond with a dropkick to the knee before planting him down to the mat face-first.

Omega thinks he has thrown Ospreay out of the ring but he doesn’t, and the Englishman comes back in with a superkick. He somehow lands on his feet after one of Omega’s move, but Ospreay then takes him out of the ring. He tries to follow it by diving out of the ring, but Omega steps away and then nails a Dragon Suplex to his rival. Back in the ring, Aussie Open cut off Omega on the top rope, hitting a double superplex.

Ospreay comes in and rips away Omega’s compression shirt and then hits a forearm to the taped ribs. Davis tags in, and he continues focusing on the injured area, and Ospreay comes back and continues with the abdominal stretch, but a headbutt allows Omega to tag in Nick, who drops Ospreay and then Aussie Open. He plants the team with a double facebuster and then a tornado DDT which counters Ospreay’s attempted counter outside the ring. He then tries for a 450, but Ospreay gets the knees up and does Omega’s Dragon suplex.

Omega comes in hot about it and they start exchanging blows, and Ospreay rolls through a V-Trigger attempt into a Vader Bomb, and United Empire tries hit their finish only for Nick to reverse. The Young Bucks then work together to attack Fletcher, and it leads to a trio of superkicks from The Elite, but Davis breaks it up only for Nick to wipe him out on the outside with an escalator.

Ospreay then counts Nick’s attempted finish, and he then flips from the top turnbuckle, driving down Matt who is being held by Davis, but somehow he kicks out! Omega then comes in with a knee strike to Ospreay, and a superkick party begins. The Elite then hits the Indytaker to Ospreay, but he’s not the legal man, and Omega then nails the V-Trigger and the One Winged Angel to Fletcher which ends this one.

Winners: Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

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