Henry Ford offering new cancer early detection test

Henry Ford Health is now the first health care provider in Michigan — and one of the first in the nation — to offer a new multi-cancer early detection test.

The blood test is called Galleri.

Research shows Galleri can detect a cancer signal shared across more than 50 types of cancer through a single blood draw.

Cancer kills more than 560,000 people each year in the US

Dr. Adnan Munkarah at Henry Ford Hospital says the best chance for anyone to beat the disease is early detection.

“If we are able to detect them earlier, we’ll be able to significantly impact the mortality, the death rate related to cancer, and hopefully have more cures,” Munkarah said.

The Galleri test looks at the DNA in a patient’s blood to determine if any of it may have come from cancer cells.

The blood test has the ability to detect a shared signal of more than 50 types of cancer, more than 45 of which lack recommended screening tests today.

Munkarah says his team is ecstatic to announce the arrival of Galleri.

He says in his 30 years of cancer research and treatment, the test falls in the top 10% of cancer discoveries he’s witnessed.

“This is really a significant revolution in the way that we are looking at cancer screening because traditionally, we’ve had only a number of limited tests available for cancer,” Munkarah said.

It’s an unprecedented ability for hopefully an extraordinary amount of lives saved.

Henry Ford says they’re making Galleri available to patients who are 22 years and older. They also have a research test currently open.

To learn more, visit Henry Ford Health’s website.


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